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Daniel Howell runs BigRedKitty for gamers with a medieval bent. Luckily, Daniel does it all with a dwarf hunter's portion of humor.

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See a little ZZ Tops influence in there. :o)

World of Warcraft indeed.


Long Live BRK. And JC.

Brinar & Bandit:

This is a wonderful piece. I love the work!


I love that dwarf, his facial expression is awesome! Mischevous and badass all in one. That's what Gimli should have looked like!

I would love to see more of him.

This dwarf ain't no warrior like Gimli, he's a Hunter (like the stereotypical Legolas talking about LOTR).


I have a note for you & Allen in my post, Warcraft...

All the Best,



Holy crap...small world.

Oh and For the Horde!

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