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Say What?


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"Can't say I'm too impressed with your idea of magical whimsy."


That's NOT want the doctor meant when he asked for a stool sample!

"Title 8, Chapter 4, Subchapter 7, Article 107, Labor Code Section 6404.5 prohibits you from smoking while you grant me my wishes. I'm also going to need a urine sample."

"Rumpelstiltskin, that medicinal mushroom was supposed to be taken orally!"


Mum has been looking everywhere for you Bill....,,,,,there's not doubt about it bro, you WILL grow up to become a Democrat or at least the head of CNN !

lol @ Kevin #2, that's what I was thinking exactly.


Jack, isn't that supposed to be a BEAN stalk?

"Well, I still say Phish sucks and if you've got a problem with that, why don't you bring your fat ass down offa that shroom and do something about it, ya fuckin' hippie."


Oh yeah? Well, I'm a level 17 wizard. You're a 12, at best.

"Mom says she doesn't care if you're on your mushroom, it's your turn to wash the dishes or else you have to get a job and pay rent like all the other philosophy majors."


Another better late than never (or not)...

"Man--you really had to go BAD! On behalf of the townspeople, I'd like to thank you for burning off the methane--but you don't know how lucky we are that's only a mushroom & not a mushroom cloud."

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Tom Wms.:

Does that hurt?

Tom Wms.:

You knoooooow, you can have that thing lanced!

Tom Wms.:

"Forget the Preparation H. You're gonna need the whole alphabet."

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