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Now that it's been a few months since Rumsfeld has been out of the D.C. Shuck 'N' Jive Show, I"m having a hard time imagining him spending his days doing sodoku puzzles, finishing off a pot of Badger Breath herbal tea.

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Jonathan Hohensee:

I disagree with most of the Bush administration's policies, I love the personalities of the people behind those policies. Anyone who doesn't flinch even though30% of the country hates you is bad-ass in my book.

I think that the administrations FOREIGN policy was spot on, and that rummsfeld was doing an awesome job, the problem is, I think rummy was a regal courtier surrounded by naives who had equal treatement.

One of the reasons I like bush, in fact, on of the only reasons I like bush, is that Cheney, has such an understanding of simple self control and common speech, and so firm in his opinions, that if these were the days of classic feudal classifications, and cheney were just a peasent, he would challenge a noble, and he would win, creating a title for himself.

I see the dem's (I don't hate dem's actually, I'm an extra-ordinarily liberal (domesticaly) republican, but there isn't a SINGLE dem who has the carriage and grace of the Darth Cheney, and based on the 2 interviews of Rove, the darth rove.

The Dem's have NO grace, and cast off decency at their convenience, 'Pub's don't do that.

Joanne Dow:

Don't feel alone Wickedpinto. I may not be as liberal as you. I feel your isolation. My liberal acquaintances consider me to the right of Atillah the Hun. My conservative friends consider me to be their pet liberal wackoid. I'm lucky that I am used to being a misfit, all my life. It gives one an interesting perspective.

{^_-} Joanne

Sweet... Kerry, Rumsfeld, and Zonker.

Or, as he's also known, Bashar al-Assad. Or maybe I'm a bit off...

Sweet... Kerry, Rumsfeld, and Zonker.

Or, as he's also known, Bashar al-Assad. Or maybe I'm a bit off...

I think that is Ahmadenijad (or however you spell that wacko in Iran).

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