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Part-time A/C repairman, Nick Webb rolls through the city's underbelly, scratching it and making it belch.

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This is gooood! John. I grew up with Jack Webb/Sgt. Joe Friday.


Yocheved Menashe
Jerusalem, Israel


Nick eased back in his chair and knocked back the 2nd of his breakfast shots of Jack Daniels. It was dark and cold outside and every so often he could hear the distant drumbeat of the approaching thunderstorm.
No worries there. What with the cool weather, the A/C repair business was definitely dropping faster than the mortgage hedge funds.
With a belch, Nick reached for the bottle to refill his glass. He almost missed the soft knock at his door as thunder crashed overhead. The storm was here.
"Come in" Nick yelled. His ears still ringing from the reverbration outside is window.
The door slowly swung open and the next flash of lightening revealed a
statue-like figure in the opening.
She was tall, blonde, and had a figure most women would die for.
"Nick, I need you!", she softly wimpered.

Joanne Dow:

Nick replied, "Monica, what in hell are you doing here. I thought the divorce was final two weeks ago."



Ouch! :o)

Hi John,

Love your diversity! Is there anything art related you don't do?

Thought you might enjoy my spoof on Mike Hammer novels in today's post:




Top Three Art Media John Won't EVER Do:

3. Macrame

2. Ice Sculpture

1. Decoupage

I have been thinking about breaking into rhinestone applique.

Doug Arrington:

John, John, don't rule out ice sculpture...


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