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Ummon (864-949) was a Zen master during the T'ang Dynasty. He also once said,"Be the ball."

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"Hey Lady!"...... Shortly thereafter, the "Dew Drop Inn Riot" would go down in police history.

I Don't get the conexion between the quote and the strip :(


I have to say, I don't get it either. They seem unrelated. So, I'll treat it was a "Say What?"

"'Scuse me! Could I nest in your hair?"

If you're a ventriloquist, be a ventriloquist.

If your hand is a duck, make the most of it, dude.

Or maybe this is the only way the guy could get up the nerve to talk to a girl and "just do it".

Or maybe we are witnessing one major wobble. :)

I'm betting on the last one.


That's it. It's about indecision and timidity. The duck is a bonus.

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