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Book Cover Idea


I'm thinking this is a Crichton thriller where quantum physicists discover an ancient conspiracy that reveals the REAL reason why organic food costs more than canned food. Mayhem ensues.

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All food is organic, by definition. Organic Food capitalized is a special kind of snake oil designed to bilk gullible rich people.


The book "The Alchemist" (in quotation because I don't know how to underline or italicize in this format) is actually a pretty good book by Paulo Coelho. Although his cover isn't nearly as good as this.



Hmmmmm.....guy's got Lenin's eyes and forehead.


Not Lenin... That face has the features of the sketches by Leonardo_da_Vinci and Michelangelo
For instance, compare than nose with Leonardo's self-portrait

I still like http://www.artlex.com/ArtLex/g/images/grotes_leonar.5head.lg.jpg


Bingo! I was originally doing a Da Vinci riff. Nice catch.

The Alchemist is one very good book that's been around 20 years.
So it should be "The Alchemists" as they are quantum physicists.
Nice work nonetheless.


"Bingo! I was originally doing a Da Vinci riff"

Well, you did it *too well* - I was so sure that profile was "lifted" from a Da Vinci that I spent a half hour googling for the "original" :-)

You're the William F Buckley of the editorial cartoon - love your art.


Hope that's a good thing. Thanks for noticing.


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