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Promo Idea


Thought this was a decent web illustration for a local radio blowhard here in Atlanta.

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These are the kind of people you'd like to kill. 6am and they are screaming "GOOD MORNING!" "TIME TO GET UP SLEEPYHEAD!" "RISE AND SHINE!". "It's a BEAUTIFUL DAY outside!"

God did not intend for adults to get up in good humor.

At least Boortz is on the right side of things.

I'm also a cartoonist. I was born with the eye and hand for it, although I have never had the desire to do it for a living. I became a soldier instead.

I understand your art and follow it easily, as if it were my own. But when you speak, you ruin it for all of us, so please don't speak.

The only "blowhard" around here is you, cartoon boy.

I signed all my work with "The Bullet"

Chill, Lance. Just because Mr. Cox isn't to the right of Limbaugh doesn't mean he's not on the right side of things, also. Have you even seen Cox and Forkum?


The most ironic thing about all this is that Neil Boortz would probably love that illustration.


Someone's been skipping their meds.


In my defense....I get his patriotism, not his hubris.


Oooh, someone's got a nasty mouth here. Or mood. Or both.

The comments are like the pictures - a bit of the cartoon/ caricature spice rubs off on them. Advice: Take with a pinch of salt and humour.


Hey Lance....If you're such the cartoonist, then why does your blog use John's artwork? I'm sure he gave you permission.

John, ok, now we agree. I hate hubris and the un-humble horse it rode in on.

Randy, why do you assume I'm angry? I'm not, so you chill, sheesh (is that a word?).

GarandFan, please do take your meds!

Kukn, can you read? I think not. There's not one nasty word on this page...except maybe "Kukn."

Have a nice day, folks.

Keep up the great work, John. You have a great gift and make the world a little better place in which to live (or is it ON which to live?).

Also, John, I didn't mean to sound so sharp yesterday. I was in one of tmy PTSD moods, so please accept my apology.


Cool. I invite such commentary. Goes with the territory. As long as we're all civil.....let 'er rip.

Glad you dig the artwork and hope you enjoy your own heady trips into the wilds of toon production (and it's unpredictble aftermath).

May the Farce be with you....

After 3 wars, I stopped and haven't drawn in quite awhile, it slipped away from me somehow. Now I'm into writing. Kind of a natural progression. My writing has a cartoon quality about it. You know that place we go to in our heads, that creative place where we inject humor, wit and satire into the worst situations to make them palatable. That’s our gift. We turn negative emotions into satire, wit and comedy in the form of drawings. I’ve always felt that cartooning is done in the brain and loosely translated into drawings. I’ve never been able to take stuff from my head and put it to paper without losing some of its original luster. Know what I mean?


That's none of your bidness. It's his bidness...and stop sucking up to the boss.

First of all, you're an inspiration. Check out my blog to see how I'm coming along if you like.

Secondly, I could care less about his hubris, I just like the fact that he says things that he pushes the p.c. police's buttons. I'd never heard of Boortz until my brother played a cd of his where he was giving it to Mayor Bill Campbell (this was before he was indicted). I couldn't believe that this guy was actually saying what he was saying to a political authority like that. I've loved him ever since.

And finally, I wouldn't know about Cox & Forkum at all, or this site for that matter, if his website didn't used to link to your cartoons. Thank God for that.


Thanks for your consideration. I can't believe I'm in HIS solar system.


I'm not worthy of "sucking up to". Maybe Daniel C is trying to be objective.


Photorealism isn't the epitomy of painting techinique. Give yourself a break. Personal interpretation is much more interesting.


Well John, this is a place of lively chat now, I thank you for that. If I was Boortz then I would LOVE IT !!

and to you D , well said mate!

Lance, firstly and with true sincerity, thank you for your service. As a soldier your duty should always be remembered and honoured, the free world owes an enormous debt to the Armed Forces of the United States.

Funny how cartoonists (me being one also) always seemed to be attracted to the armed forces( I am a reservist in the Australian Army). My theory is that the childlike state of mind that does remain in us all is far more alive in those who pertain to the creative side of life and certainly in cartoonists just rises to the surface often. Also in the case of cartoonists is the same boyish adventure tale seeking nature that draws (no pun intended) us towards, planes, tanks, ships and things that go BOOOOOM !!!

Mind you I do know of one excellent aussie lefty cartoonist (Bill Leak) who could never imagine himself in the military not even as a boy . I guess there are always exceptions to any rule assuming my understanding of cartoonists is accurate.

I also agree with the points you made about the mental processes that make us good cartoonists. I believe that when you combine that childlike state with a keen knowlegde of history, cultures and politics and mixed in with a large dose of personal conviction and courage then the result is a cartoonist like JOHN COX.

I understand your admiration for John Cox's work. He and Allen Forkum have inspired me and my work as an editorial assasin for many years.

As a writer I don't think John has an illussions about his ability there. I personally think that he writes very well and before you call me a suck up then please know that I think most people write well, it has never been my strongest card.

I guess I am lucky that I became a cartoonist then and not an author.

I also think that the most important thing about being a cartoonists who wants to make a living out of their gift is have a passion for drawing, you just have to love drawing and experimenting with your artistic talent. If you don't feel that your cartoons are good enough now then join the club. My work evolves monthly. I am almost ashamed of cartoons and caricatures that I did a few years ago. This growth can only come from passion. I look foward to my work improving. Like a photographer we are all looking for that perfect photo. I hope I never find that perfect cartoon in me because then it's all downhill.

One things for sure, I would love to see your work and any other cartoonists on the net. We learn everyday from each other and this only goes to better us all.

If you feel up to it Lance, please post you website.
If you don't then maybe one day later mate.

Here's mine if you are interested.


Cheers Lance, you gave me a good laugh. I especially appreciate your concern about my reading abilities. I guess it is clear that, while I can just about type random letters into quasi-sentences, I cannot in fact read any of the words here. I guess it's to do with the monkeys typing up Shakespeare's complete works...


Wow. So being objective means butting into someone else's conversation and immediately attacking a commentator? Good to know. I'll not be so hard on "objective" folks like Kos in the future ;)


Thanks mate. Love folks from OZ. Have a few tributes to them at my blog. Damned good peeps with lots of spunk, truly America's good friend.

Here's my blog address, but don't tell anybody about my "borrowed" caricatures there



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John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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