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A little multi-media study juxtaposing the soft organic quality of the figure with the hard edge graphic quality of the wood working tools.

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That is so cool! How'd you do that? One blends so easily into the next. You can feel the texture of her hair!


First layer is photo copy of old tools and building. Second layer is high quality tracing paper on which I apply tones (the tools emerge from "behind"). Third layer is the figure drawing. Fourth "layer" is overal treatment of tonal focus.

Think of the process as stacking image onto image and what you have is a primitive form of PhotoShop before there was PhotoShop.

Different yet blending perfect.

The blueish distribution give consistency and make view flow from the figure (that is beautiful in itself) to the background.

Congratz :D


Pleasant to the eyes and an interesting technique.

Anyway, have a nice time, jC et al. I'll be offline for the next three weeks, see you after that.

First layer is photo copy of old tools and building

You use a photo underlay, rather than a sketch?

I Imagine it's common, but I would have expected that a photo underlay would have been more a use of "realism," rather the the expressive attitude in this image.

Also, it looks like . . . .what are they called? not the chalks, but "pastels?" is that what they are called? the gummy crayon like sticks?

(I had a roommate who was a roommate, and I would buy his sh. . .stuff all the time, cuz I just liked watching his works progress, and honestly I never really cared about the technical stuff, but you can't live with someone for 2 years and not remember some stuff)


The tools and building is a paper photocopy, the rest is watercolor layers of tone along with my figure drawing in watercolor.


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