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'Tis I, stickin' it to the Man. Notice the posh surroundings and the gaggle of dancing girls bringing me endless cocktails. Living the dream, baby.

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It is so good to see your face. I have often wondered what you really look like.

Shalom from Jerusalem


This is your best self-portrait ever!


It's so 'life-like'. :o)


"Endless cocktails", eh? That explains a lot.


Excellent! Thanks for the dose of reality. I appreciate it.

Plus, now I can toss aside my mental image of your disembodied hand and eye studiously focused on a floating easel or incline, and replace it with the real you in a beautifully functional form with a roll of toilet paper at the ready.

Hmmm... that dancing cowgirl in the background looks strangely familiar. She's evoking imaginings of a turkey baster. Kinky.

But, dude, do my eyes deceive me, or did you ditch the 'stash? I'm actually sad I noticed that, since it means I've been staring at your self caricature waaay too long. So very sad.

Je voudrais une vie.


Good eye. That photo is from a few monts ago....pre-'stache. It has it's own Social Security Number now.

The toilet paper is for watercolor clean-up and texture effects. Extra absorbant!

You recognized "Suburban Cowboys" which I posted not too long ago. Extra points!

So the 'stashe is a new force to be reckoned with. A little paint. A little facial fooling around with your sketchbook. I think it's got potential. Convention be damned! :)

Textures and Leaks! Of course! Some here have an unpure mind. Thanks for clarifying the purpose of the toilet paper for them.

Woot! Extra points! I'm catching up, boys. :)

Oh, come on already, John. I know darn well that you cropped the photo to hide the jacuzzi.


Yeah, I want to see the three scantily clad woman you keep there, right next to the well stocked bar.

Nice photo, John. It's nice to see what a real, working artist's digs look like.

I posted something similar years ago, and people swore the photo was doctored. Everybody knows, apparently, that I have a bevy* of slave-elves doing all the drawing for me.

(*for "harem" values of "bevy")

Right-handed? RIGHT-HANDED? Everybody knows that all the creative people are left-handed, thereby using their RIGHT minds.

Unless, of course, the photo is reversed, in which case I humbly apologize.


I don't think the picture could be flopped. That's clearly a right-handed mechanical pencil he's using. The pocket clasp would be facing away from him if it was left-handed. Unless it's a Japanese brand, which would surprise me.

Hey Dicentra

Right-handeders UNITE! It's about time you creative lefty types give us righties a f***in' break.


Not going to admit to the jacuzzi, bar and women, are we?


Okay...I have a team of dwarves that shine my shoes and a fine Latino women who advises me on stocks and bonds, but no......I DO NOT HAVE A JACUZZI.


I look forward to meet you, Allen and the fine Latino women (I am not so interested in the shoe shiners ;) on my next trip to the Land of Opportunity.

Don't let the "dream become a nightmare"...



Posh surroundings? Maybe not, but I'd still give anything to be able to draw like you do.

Well done indeed.

Tom Wms.:


Those of us who know you ... aw, never mind!

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John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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