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St. Mark


The patron saint of travel agents and liars...

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You can always tell when a politican is lying. Their mouth is open.

Now what's all this crap about a $10 cigar tax?


Looks good and I like the colours too. Just a question: did you choose the name for a special reason (some real life liar and travel agent), or is it just random? (Hey, I can't help it I'm not Amercian...)


St Mark refers to American author Mark Twain (Samuel L. Clemens). Besides Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, he was also noted for short stories involving tall tales and for books he wrote about foreign travels.


Perfect. Nice catcch, Garanfan


Aah, cheers. Never thought of Twain.

One of my favorite Twain quotes: "It's worse than diabolical. It's French." Sums up his whole philosophy right there.


I'd relabel the cut line. St. Mark, the patron saint of travel agents and B.S. artists.

Tall tales don't really qualify as lies. Consider them an artistic take on the truth.


Humorist might be a better fit in describing him.


Wish I'd thought if that, one of your best John !


Wish I'd thought of that, one of your best John !

and for books he wrote about foreign travels

... including The Innocents Abroad. Did you know Mark Twains is almost unknown here in Europe (I live in Spain)? They all know Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, but little more.

:) And that's fine, because you can use old Mark's jokes as if they were yours.


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