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Cover Illustration


A while back, Allen and I were asked to do an illustration celebrating Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" for The Intellectual Activist. After we batted around a few ideas, we decided this was a good way to go. I'm a huge fan of Rand's literary work (though NOT a devout Objectivist) and this project turned out to be quite a challenge. We got a kick out of trying to re-intrepet a fascinating metaphor for individualistic freedom

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I think you succeeded.


Yep, soon as I saw the pic
"Atlas Shrugged" immediately came to mind.

That and wondering if you like watching Greeks wrestle. :o)


John Galt lives!


It's very much like Bryan Larsen's Self-Absolution of the Titan, which is also inspired by Atlas Shrugged.
I guess you and him have very similar vision. Great work!


I was the same way as GarandFan. I immediately thought of "Atlas Shrugged".

BTW, she was a great story teller and understood the impact of ideas. As an organized philosophy Objectivism doesn't do well, but she lived through the Russian revolution so knew the consequences of collectivism intimately.

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