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St. Dean


Playing around with the concept of depicting celebrities as patron saints. This, of course, is St. Dean, patron saint of smokers and cocktail waitresses.

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I like the patron saint theme.

Choosing Dean as the patron saint as "smokers and cocktail waitresses" is perfect for him.

Hey, thanks....

I'm working a Barney Fife thing right now. He's not wearing any saintly garb, just his Mayberry stuff. Can't see him as a patron saint of any sort. For Self-Important Toadies?

I thought the theme was too much to pass up.

More comin'


Wow! Deano! What a guy! Thanks you are now my first check in the morning and a great way to start the day!


I've always enjoyed your work, along with Allen's.

Not only do you speak to my kind of "politics", you say it with extremely intelligent concepts and fantastic artwork.

Will always be a fan. Thank you for sharing your talent!

Bill and Mike

Thanks for the kind words. I'll just keep bamging away and see what happens. Nice to know you're digging the work I grind away on, honing that THING.


I'm enjoying the new site.

Barney Fife: patron saint of the obvious ?

There's a coolness factor that I'm shooting for in these particular icons I have in mind. Barney ain't it....but he's popping up soon.


I've admired your work for sometime on the other site (although I was never sure which of you was the artist), and like others, I have a new bookmark.


I'm the funny one. Who can draw. A little.

Stayed tuned....

Lightnin' Roy:

I love this blog. You are just going off in a million different directions of awesomeness, all at the same time. Keep up the good work.


Love it...been reading the other site for years. Glad to see this one pop-up, too. Another mandatory daily read for me!

Thanks for your work. And Deano was a very good choice. Love anything to do with the Rat Pack. What about Sinatra as the Patron Saint of Arogance and Confidence?

Yes, it feels like I'm channeling a few different genres but that's always been my goal: Finding what they have in COMMON


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