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Sketch Book


Guess who showed up at the Majestic Diner at three in the morning? (My homies in Atlanta know what I'm talkin' 'bout)

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The first three are great, but the guy on the right isn't up to it. The shading is kind of splotchy and the thick lines don't go well with that style.

Great eye! The last guy was a throw-in from a phone doodle.

John, I've been trying real hard for a couple of days now to find a believable positive interpretation of your "Father's Day" cartoon over at C&F.

And I'm not succeeding.

Maybe that's just me, but frankly, I doubt it.

Because AFAICT, your cartoon is saying that what fathers value most about their children is the tax relief they provide, while what even grungy Gen-XYZer likely-leftist sons value most about their fathers is. . .well, the actual, valuable, worthwhile, love-worthy fathering they gave them.

So I'd like to know how that apparent characterization is supposed to be any meaningfully different -- apart from degree -- from Time magazine's stab-in-the-back "Father's" Day article about what's WRONG with today's fathers and fatherhood in general.

Or from all the rest of the similar recurring blame'n'shame crap Fathers in this country have to put up with every year at this time. Such as Barack Obama's recent comments, for another example.

Were you thinking something else, John? And if so, what? Because I'm honestly not seeing it.

All I'm seeing is more of the same old same old father-bashing that has become increasingly prevalent for year after year now. . .despite putting forth my best efforts to find another reasonable, but positive, interpretation.


Just a joke....not treatise on the history of fatherhood.

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