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Say What?


Whatcha got?

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"Absolutely, two is the ideal number. No more, no less. In a way, they're like martinis."

"Don't look now, bro....she's checking me out."


"I told you, it IS possible to defy gravity."


"I'm sorry, Art. Your opinion on global warming is facinating, but when the Rocky Mountains decide to make an appearance at an otherwise dull gathering, you just can't help but stare."


Yoda voice:

"Always two, there are. No more, no less. A master and an apprentice."

Mace Windu voice:

"But which is the master, and which is the apprentice?"


"Use the force, and you will know."


"I just hate the way the modern media objectifies women... Uh, sorry, what was I saying?"

"Yeah, I f*%ked her"
"Nice Housing Bubbles"
"That's my daughter, Hank"
"How old? Damn!"
"I smell money"


George's and David's suggestions beat the rest by a long run.


Um, what?

OH, it took me a minute to see the two guys there....

Okay, more like five.


"Oh, yeah... Take a look at the future Mrs Eugene Fricklesnort."

Liam H:

If I may be technical for one moment Gerald: it's the ratio between the size of a woman's back and size of the mammary glands that draws our eye. In some circles its known as the "small back and big hooters principle".


"I betcha if you snip the locket... the head snaps off. Read it in a story somewhere."

King Kool:

Good lord, did you see how long that woman's neck was?


"Too close for missles... switching to guns."
"Don't you judge me."
"krrrcchh! eeehhh Bogey at yourrrr 3o'clock. Eagle One do you have visual? krrrcchhh!"


"If that new hire can program her way out of a paper sack, I'm Einstein."


Sure, you're a Mac and I'm a PC, but I think we can both agree on dual processors.


"If he hair's over her face, does that mean we have a shot?"


"That reminds me, I need a bowling partner"


(This is really bad, but here goes)...

"That reminds me, do you have any chloroform?"

Ohhhh... I went there!

"Two blimps in a dead heat!"


It's some of my best work, but I had to reinforce her spine.

She said, "I'll do anything you want." And I said."Paint my house."


"I just hope she don't leave me after they're paid off."


Forkum, your glasses have fogged up!


Actually, the joke's complete in the original version. Implied punchline: who the hell cares or knows what's going on in the background?


Oh sorry Peter...what did you say.


"(Sigh) Have you seen my wife around..."


"Kepler was mistaken, apparently."


"It's a setup! She's an Employment Practices Attorney!"


"Ask her what she'll do for a nickel."


"Ask her what she'll do for a nickel."


*sorry for the double post

Andy K.:

"No, no one has ever told me I look like Ben Stein."

Lord ZYRK:

"Those things are tiny. . . Er, her lips, I mean."
"You think she'll notice this martini tastes like dolphin tranquilizers?"


"Wow. I can hardly remember what Steve looked like before the operation."

Samurai Zergling:

"That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball."

Osvaldo Mandias:

"Two boobs."


Oh, that reminds me Fred, we've got bowling Wednesday. We've pulled the Knockers in the first round...


"Earl, its a statistical certainty! The first 99 all slapped me."


"I was down there for a half hour in a rain storm and my hair was still dry"

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