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Sketch Book


Kind of a "murder mystery" thing happening with the two drawings on the left side...

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Fernando had had enough of this stuffed shirt and his "Hells Kitchen" TV show! With the flourish that is the hallmark of a great chef, he pulled from his belt the squirtgun full of A1 steaksause and went postal!

Or something.


Starting with the bottom
It would be Rachel's last returned soup. Chef Santiago dumped ladel after ladel of green pea and onion broth into her bowl. With each addition he silently prayed that the arsenic he'd liberally added would be masked by the oregano and garlic mix.
Months later
Rachel's husband, Chet, broke through the back door of the restaraunt. He found Chef Santiago in the usual spot, planted behind the sous chef post tasting the Fetuccini sauce. Chet raised the Colt .45 semi-automatic to eye level, his hand shaking ever so slightly as he squeezed the trigger.
Top left
Chet hobbled away, the deed done. Any who passed wouldn't think twice of the three-foot-tall goblin/marmaset mix. After all, who could believe any woman would love something so hideous?



Hey Adam

Creative stuff. Didn't think the troll character could be fit in there,


You'd be amazed where trolls can fit. They're very flexible.


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