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Flying Home


Devon came up for a week's visit and this is a quick drawing I did while we waiting for his flight home.

We didn't hear the boarding announcement and came this close to missing his flight because I got wrapped up in the drawing!

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Freud could make a lot of that.

John Cox:

Hey G
My drawing? My statement?

There's not a teenager/Dad relationship on this here planet Earth that isn't loaded with subconscious booby traps and unexpected joys.

Dr. Bob:

John -

Having raised two young gentlemen, I say you're absolutely right!

Another thing to note as they've transitioned to careers and marriage is that the booby traps and unexpected joys continue - they change a bit, but they continue.

Once a Dad, always a Dad.

Doc Al:

"Subconscious Booby Trap" would be a great name for a band.
That's all I got.


#1 son is still a joy. Even more so now that he lives in another state with his own family.

I drop by at least every other month, just to watch his two sons drive him nuts!



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