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Budget Battle


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If only Bloomberg would outlaw THAT.


Yep, especially when "compromise" doesn't translate to a liberal 'one-way street'.

Dr. Bob:

If compromise sucks, I maintain the democrats didn't suck enough.

John Cox:

Hey Dr. Bob

Nicely glib;)


Can't beat Dr. Bob's comment, but:

You should see the deep-fried Hogzilla sandwich that comes with the combo, but it wouldn't fit in the frame. Would you like to super-size that for just $7 trillion (so far; $11+ trillion projected) more? You can put it on a credit card from the bank of China in the name of our children... driving up the national debt from $9 trillion to $20+ trillion... that's more than all presidents combined... number 44 all by his lonesome...

That would have been irresponsible & unpatriotic 5 years ago--but now we don't even have a spending problem.


No disrespect intended to WWII vets, but a good title for this 'toon would be "Budget Battle of the Bulge."


The great sucking sound of silence.


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