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Huntley and Brinkley, they ain't. ;)

John Cox:

Hey G

Fast on the gun, pard. You posted about twenty minutes after I put the sucker up. We must be keeping the same hours.

Ed B:

Nice soul patch, but Louis needs a Ron Burgundy 'stache.


Masai Media.


Talking Herds?

John Cox:

Hey T

That one got me. Funny twist.

Hey Huggie.

Again, didn't see that one coming. Neat.


ROFL! with a P.S.

John: I just got an ad from AbeBooks dot com for "Fantastic Art from Frank Frazetta", I recognized his name from our post here when he passed in 2010 (http://www.johncoxart.com/2010/05/frank_frazetta_19282010.html), and I also have his web page in my sidebar because of that post. Thank You

John Cox:

Hey Yo

Frazetta's art is amazingly timeless. He represents the best of sci-fi art, IMHO.

Dr. Bob:

No gnus is good news.

The King sentenced his court jester to death by hanging because of his awful puns. However, just before the hanging, the King pardoned the jester.

The jester immediately exclaimed "No noose is good news!"

The King hanged him anyway.

John Cox:

Hey Dr. Bob

I enjoyed that immensely. Thanks

Lord help me, creating visuals for puns is addicting.

A story about a kingdom that outlaws puns is not a horrible idea for a whacky farce.


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