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Say What?



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OK - At my command; turn back-to-back; walk 20 paces and turn; you shoot your bow; you shoot your six gun.


You're not going to believe this; I'm refereeing a fight between an illegal alien and a native American.



"The Regime's directives indicate those terms are highly offensive to the respective parties they address. From this point forward, you are to address the former as 'undocumented worker'--whether they're working or not--& the latter as 'indigenous person'...unless the 'undocumented worker' is of European-Anglo descent, in which case he is to be referred to as a 'marauding empire builder'...which also requires you to refer to the 'indigenous person' as either a 'Native-American' or simply 'the victim'."


Houston, we have a problem...


Jack, I think I just found another twist for a reality show survivor situation.

Ed B:

...and LOTS of anchovies on both of them please.

Ed B:

Well, it turns out that "kemo sabe" actually means "meathead".


I've never seen anything like it. The cowboy sneezed and didn't blink. But his hat fell forward and I don't think they can even see each other's eyes anymore.

To make matters weirder, the indian has been blinking one eye at a time for the last half hour.

I don't know if any of this is legal, but I guess that's why they call this the Wild West. One thing is certain: this is a frickin' awesome staredown.

I'll keep you updated as events unfold.

What do you mean we're not installing the Western River Expedition in Orlando?

Dr. Bob:

Hey Netflix! Come get your actors that came with the western movie DVD you sent.

Note vague reference to the Netflix commercials where the actors in movies were awaiting getting sent out with the DVD.

Sandor at the Zoo:

Hello, PC Police? They’re playing cowboys and Indians.

Tom Wms.:

The cowboy said, "Check". Then the Indian said, "Checkmate". It's gonna get ugly.

The Texas oil dude said BP wants to drill on the Oklahoma reservations.

Then the Indian said, "I have some reservations!"


"Xavier, I don't think I'm cut out for this 'mixed-race same-sex union' planning gig... Little Feat just scalped a flower arranger for suggesting peyote buttons for the reception centerpieces, & Cowboy Bob shot a caterer for diluting 'perfectly good rotgut' in the punch."

Tom Wms:

Boy, the Village People are showing their age.


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