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and now a word from John McEnroe...


Lately, I've been missing McEnroe, Connors, Borg, Nastase....early 80's pro tennis. There's something missing, maybe that "international gunslinger" vibe, in modern tennis.

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And not looking forward to them coming back. Even the latest McEnroe "Enterprise Auto Rental" ad features the "You can't be serious" line....and just as tiring today as it was back when. But then you do have a current tennis 'star' threatening a line judge....in rather "colorful" language.


I couldn't stand McEnroe, as a player because he was such a spoiled CC brat, but he was an excellent player and I recognize that now. I am now a fan of sorts and love his National Car Rental commercial. It cracks me up!

...didn't we just have his conversation with Pete Rose?...LOL

john cox:

Hey Cowboy

Unlovable greatness is fascinating. Which came first? The focus on the athlete's single goal of excellence, thereby pushing away a critical audience....or experiencing "greatness" and becoming a supreme hard-ass, thereby honing that competetive edge?

I know there are many examples of great athletes who maintained a likable persona. It's just that guys like Rose and McEnroe seem to be so fallible yet watchable.


"Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser." -- attributed to too many people for me to verify who said it first

Ever feel the sting of injustice when you know you're in the right & the "governing authority" who has power over you tells you you're in the wrong--& on top of that punishes you for it?

Sure, there were times "Mac" was a jerk--but there were also times when he was right.


John, this cartoon would make a great comeback to "Proposed Democratic Health Care 'Reform'".


There ought to be a spot for Mac in the White House press pool. I'd love to see him go mano a mano with Robert Gibbs... or maybe he could take over Joe Wilson's House seat.



Shouldn't that be "The White House Press Corpse?"

Steve M:

Today's tennis stars all seem to blend-especially on the men's side. The "strong personality" is frowned upon and even fined these days. Curse you sportsmanship!



I had to look around a bit to see what you were talking about.

Seems like Mr. Empty Suit skipped his master's course in "Hooked on Phone-iks".

john cox:


I think that blandness has alot to do with international exceptability. When an athlete considers the big money ad endorsements can offer, being highly individualistic is NOT a good call. Be nice. Be bland. Sell shoes. Sell soft drinks......but you better WIN, BABY.

Larry the Dial-Up Guy:

I miss the charisma of Ivan Lendl.

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