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Jonathan Hohensee:

I personally consider myself a militant optimist.

Well if that's optimism then pessimism must be the madness of maintai... bah, whatever. My definition for pessimism wouldn't have been funny anyway.


Methinks Voltaire was writing about dogmatic optimism...the "head in the sand", "let them eat cake" kind of optimism--optimism about specific things when reality shows that there is no cause [for it].

Voltaire was an amazingly brilliant dude. Right about everything?...Probably not...but then, who is?

...And he was funny to boot.

Great Quiptoon, as usual. Hilarious.


Come on T. Are you trying to tell me that Voltaire wasn't right about absolutely everything. Arggghhh...my heart sinks! By far, my favorite philosopher and satiric..and yup he's hilarious! Got to agree, though, he was satirizing about the revolution again.

Good QT John!

Jonathan Logan:

I think reality shows are peopled by those with the greatest of optimism...


Methinks reality shows are peopled by those with the slightest of intellect...


People with lots of optimism & little intellect--they'd be the ones Voltaire was writing about.


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