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Say What?


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....And then this Obama guy said we should give free health care and social security to all aliens...and well...you guys just keep showing up.

Uhhhh....You're cup is out of pencils.....BTW



Uhhh....BTW you're not the one responsible for those cows are ya??????


"Do you have a permit for that thing? You know you are violating at least ten codes. If you don't move it right now, you are going to be in BIG trouble."

Look, pal, I'm an engineer, see? And I'm telling you, there's no way that you flew in here on that. End of discussion, man.


“It’s gret that you done figgered out a way to git 489 LPP (light-years per pint) on regelar unlidded…The problem yuh have hyuh is'at due to them EPA restrictions & gubmintal idgicy, the prahse of geiss has got so high since the last time you were hyuh that--even though you's the ovuhlowerd uv'a g'lactic confederashun of sebmty-sum odd planits--you ain’t got enough ekwity to cuhlat'rulize the loan you needs to buy the geiss.”


"And I'm telling you for the last time, the coffee station is for employees only! There's a Dunkin' Donuts right down the road where you can scratch your caffeine itch."


"You know, you can buy a coffee maker and install it in that hunk of junk. It's a lot cheaper than traveling the galaxy for Starbucks."


No intelligent life on this planet? All you've met so far are politicans!

You flew that thing halfway across the universe to borrow a cup of sugar???


"Sure it is a handicap zone but it is for physical handicaps!!"


"Lemme get this straight...We retained you in Area 51 to teach us advanced technologies, & you used the parts from the flying saucer to build a giant milking machine for an imaginary big blue ox just because your species likes to get sozzled on lactic acid?"

So that's what the cow thing is about...

Something about Ford Prefect comes to mind...

I wont give a buck! I've been working hard, so try yourself!
I don't care about your effing planet, its effing population with its effing problems - I did't spend a buck for effing Darfur and I will not spend any buck for any third range Solar system!
So leave my lawn, hippie, and get a haircut and a job!


"What the Samuel Helsinki are you doing parking in the Red Zone? The REd Zone is for loading and unloading only, no parking! Oh, oh, look at your face, man! I can tell you're plastered on whatever it is you guys get wasted on. I'm callin' the Federation and havin' your butt hauled off to Mercury Prison!"


"I took you to my leader...What was it?...11 years ago?...And you still haven't sobered up!!!"


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