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Say What?


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Tom Wms.:

1. Hey, little girl. Wanna hold my septor?
2. You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.
3. NO! You may NOT have some porridge for your little teddy bear!
4. In the words of the immortal James Brown, "I feeeeell good!"


No more gruel for you, 'cause I'm Ted Kennedy and I know what's good for you!


"If you don't pull my finger soon I am going to explode!!!"


Mind Auntie Hillary, now. I'm going to take away your things for your own good. Starting with your porridge. You might burn your tongue, you know.


A flourishing fledgling will arise from ashes!
A sickly phoenix burns yet is not consumed!
The new will possess a liberty sired by lions!
The old a misery from moldy ideals!

From the moment of its inception
the fledgling’s lambs will strive to overthrow the pride!
They lie on their backs longing for all things that glitter
yet they shun the new means for the old mold!

As the end-days approach, the fledgling-no-more chooses from three!
A two-faced Shrilly Beast with a shriveled soul!
A giant-eared dufus—Oh Stigma with a vacuous crown!
And an oft-shunned republicrat Chronic Pain!

“Don’t look at me with those bug eyes, missy...you had a choice between Chicken Little & the quatrains from the tea leaves for your bed time story...although from my perspective, there isn’t much difference in substance.”


Yeah, it's long. I had a creative burst, whether it's a hit or a miss. Sue me.

Silly girl, the right to arm bears only applies to the militia!


I've changed my mind. You may NOT have fresh eye soup for lunch!

red collar:

Somebody poked me in the eye from hehind!

Round up the usual suspects!


"Four cups of espresso & you're still awake? Well, I suppose you may have just ONE more...Then you'd better get to sleep, Master Tweaky of Starbuckshire!!!"

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