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Automotive Report Cover (August)


The cover article for this month's Automotive Report is about how repair shops take on insurance companies in volatile court battles that erupt over damage claims and proper compensation.

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Shalom shalom: I'm a little behind. Love the Devon drawing; I'd look for your portrait of Iran's new president all over the net; and great cover for the Automotive Report.


The blue-collar guy has the upper hand & the judge isn't piling on? I know fake wrasslin' when I see it. ( :

Dr. Bob:

Yeah, there's one party missing in this wrestling match - the owner of the vehicle. Odds are that he's the one who is going for a ride.


But....but...but Dr. Bob, isn't the automobile owner "in good hands"?

Dr. Bob:

GF -

After fighting with two insurance companies for over six months after our house was severely damaged by a small tornado, I cannot find nasty enough words to describe them.

I have a neighbor hit by the same storm and thus far only their house was rebuilt and the machine shed was rebuilt. Their collapsed dairy barn, 6 small farrowing barns and another severely damaged barn have yet to be settled with the insurance company. Since their crops were wiped out last year, their only source of income was livestock which couldn't be raised without the barns being repaired.

They are heading to court.

When this is over we're going to have a town hall meeting with one or more of the Twin Cities TV stations news departments about our experiences.


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