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Quoth Disney Execs...


Disney's live-action epic, "Lone Ranger" has bombed at the box office. Turns out the kids aren't digging the 1950's pop culture icon with the mysterious past and a penchant for silver bullets. $250+ mill is a steep losing bet for a company known for animated pabulum. The Walt Disney Studios will now leave bloody, live-action pictures to the grown-ups.

And casting a white-bread Hollywood screen idol as the notable stoic Native American sidekick did not help.

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Turning him into the possibly insane Indian Sidekick probably didn't help. The movie is supposedly all about Tonto, really. I guess they could make him Jack Sparrow-on-his-head.


You can't fix "creative stupidity".


Funny. I like the vibe of the illustration.

On an unrelated note, this could be the cover of David Lee Roth's next solo album (see "Eat 'em and Smile").

What was Didney thunkin'?

Doc Al:

I think it was Conan O'Brien the other night who said:" 'Django' and 'Katniss' are popular names for newborns this year as parents are naming their offspring after characters in hit movies this summer. That's why you won't see any kids named 'Tonto'."


I had high hopes for this movie and will still end up seeing it just because I really liked the Pirate movies and generally like Depp.
Great illustration, literally and figuratively.

Ah, John. Are there no Depps to which you will not stoop? Heh.

Dr. Bob:

I don't buy this make heroes look real by giving them vices, and by darkening their characters.

Nust every movie be a dark trip into a sewer of so-called "reality"?

The art does fit the tone of the movie though.

John Cox:

Hey Proof
Depp puns are gateway gags to lower forms of humor i.e., fart noises, buzzer handshakes, then the hard stuff...The Three Stooges.

Just say no, my friend.

I appreciated the pun.

BTW, Go see Pacific Rim. It was Awesome.

The Lone Ranger was OK, but OK is way to low a bar for a 250 million dollar movie. Pacific Rim? Giant Robots vs Giant Monsters. What's not to like?


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