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100-Word Story by Steve Krodman


This is another entry from Steve Krodman's neat little book, "Shorts In A Wad", a collection of his odd tales all told within a hundred-count of nouns, verbs and the odd adjective.

The illustration is my own and not found in his book. This whole page is my attempt to explore how my illustration style might look along the side Steve's delightful writing.

You can purchase his book on his website, Lost in The Cheese Aisle

Comments (3)

Dr. Bob:

That image of words and picture just gave me the creeps.

I think a 12 gauge pump shotgun would be very useful in Bradley's situation.

Now, after bringing my imaginary shotgun, I can go to bed - withoot keeping one eye open scanning for tentacles.


Shotgun damage meat
You need sushi katana
Open restaurant

Dr. Bob:

T -

Nice haiku.


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