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John Cox:

What are the odds the Chinese won't take this gift-wrapped opportunity to mine the poor sap's brain for clues to NSA surveillance techniques? Frankly, the Chinese don't have to promise him ANYTHING in exchange, except maybe he won't have to hang by his thumbs for any taciturn behavior.

Beijing wants info, Beijing GETS info.


I'm surprised he hasn't already "disappeared" from Hong Kong.


Don't know how to read this situation yet, but it's convenient cover for the MSM to gloss over--& the dumb masses to be distracted from--several immediate items with big time long-term implications.

What I find interesting, and I may have mentioned it before, is that The Left considered Bradley Manning a hero (A whiny, gay, wannabee crossdresser who didn't belong in the army and leaked for "revenge") when he leaked info that actually hurt us and our allies and got people killed. But Snowden who is mostly hurting OBAMA and his abuse of domestic surveilance, and hasn't gotten anyone hurt, him the Democrats want to hang.


No one has been hurt yet, but the lasting effects will not be good. It will hurt us all.

Dr. Bob:

I'm in a predicament... I appreciate the need for intelligence to help ensure our safety, but I also don't want the NSA collecting data on innocent citizens at will with little checks and balances. That degree of power is unconstitutional, regardless of surveillance laws passed.

Some Senators who were on the intelligence committee registered concerns, but they weren't allowed by law to voice their concerns publicly.

Individuals can't sue about freedoms lost from secret programs they don't know about.

I think it is good that this came out and it is necessary that Congress tighten this surveillance down a bit, tighten the controls a bit more and audits the use of the data collected.

Right now, the NSA can do too much spying on Americans without a getting warrant. That has to stop.

John Cox:

HEY Dr.Bob

Well put.

Where is the legitimate "probable cause" in all this data mining? It's as if they're gathering random evidence for a crime they can call up at will.

Walk through anybody's house for a few hours and you'd find enough "evidence" to charge the owner for SOMETHING.

T again:

They're not looking so much for chargeable offenses. They're identifying dissenters to intimidate into kowtowing--& it's pervasive. "They" = "The Establishment" - they're on both sides of the aisle.


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