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Enhance Your Life!


Lately, I've been fooling around with that peculiar American 1950's ethos, conformity laced with manic optimism.

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Tom Wms.:

It's hard to get through a day without my full pot of it.


Caffeine is one of the four food groups.

Doc Al:

There's nothing like a good 5 cent cup of coffee. As I wrote this, I just discovered that there is no more "cent sign" on the keyboard - my old typewriter keyboard had one - I guess it's a sign of the times that things like ~ ` and ^ are more important that the good old "¢".




Sorry about the CAPS. Two cups of HI-REV will do that to you in the morning!


Doc Al,

Cent sign is easy to use though, just hold down the alt key and type 0162 on the number pad, and ¢!

Doc Al:

Thanks - that's easier than opening another page, searching for cent sign, and cutting and pasting it.


Sounds like one too many nights watching Mad Men

Not that I have any clue what that would be like. Nope. No clue at all.

Dr. Bob:

There's a local sign painter who specializes in 50's-ish signs, This reminds me of his stuff.

I'd have to say that bright magenta (as rendered by my monitor) oval is like a taking left hook to the eye.

Swell... haven't heard that word since the 60's except a couple of days ago I used the term "swell foop". a play on "fell swoop".

Some of the coffee I drink (at work) isn't swell... it's swill.

Johnny Logan:

How does a Seattle resident know they have had the right amount of coffee?

When they can thread the needle in a running sewing machine.



I've heard it said that Lutherans (LC-MS, ELCA, and Wisconsin Synod) consider coffee to be their "third sacrament" (after baptism and Holy Communion). Lutherans will put the money from the offering collections in an unlocked drawer in the church office but keep the coffee fund under lock and key. For Lutherans, as long as the temperature and humidity is 95 degrees/95 percent, it's cool and dry enough for coffee.


In the Navy, there was nothing like a hot mug of black coffee during "mid-watch" (0000 - 0400), especially when it had been brewing since the previous morning.


"For Lutherans, as long as the temperature and humidity is 95 degrees/95 percent, it's cool and dry enough for coffee." - should read "is no higher than 95 degrees/95 percent".


Dr. Bob

I kind of like that color. I was imagining the rest of the background as fluorescent green instead of tan.

Dr. Bob:

T -

Funny you should mention that, when my sister was a rebellious teenager, she had her room painted fluorescent green with that magenta color trim.

When she got married and left home, my dad repainted that room before her reception was over!


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