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Caricature Challenge

When two caricaturists get together for beers, at some point, one of them will be unable to stop himself from posing this doozy:"Hey, let's caricature the hell out of the other!"

And so it goes.

Above is my caricature of Doug Toney, a fellow caricaturist who got my attention recently with his very cool work.

This is Doug Toney's wacky style in spades. The best caricature of me I've ever seen. His use of digital techniques is fun to look at and he still has that wacky edge that sets his work apart.

Our styles are markedly different; mine being a bit old school with watercolors on paper with a smidgeon of Photoshop. Doug is more comfortable with creating most of his visual effects in Photoshop. But I will be clear about this: his drawing skill is more than evident and sets his work apart from other digital artists who obviously haven't mastered drawing. Doug's the real deal.

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Hear, hear! Great ones. I've said it before, but Doug's caricatures verge on surrealism rather than cartoons. Very impressive, you two.


I can't thank you enough John. This was a very fun challenge. I was a regular to the Cox & Forkum site and started regularly viewing your work the day you created this one. It's an honor to have my work posted up here with yours. Can't wait to do it again!
Thanks to you also Z. Really appreciate the compliments.

John Cox:

Hey Doug

You're welcome, sir. Keep the faith.


John's reminds me of a Van Gogh self-portrait. Doug's has the vibe of some of Kelly Freas work in MAD. I really admire the talent of both of you (& have a huge appreciation for the devotion it takes to develop it).

Believe it or don't--John & Doug are the only two non-syndicated artists whose pages I have bookmarked. I don't visit Doug's page very often because Blogspot is so script-laden & it drives my PC nuts.

P.S. I miss John's trompe-l'oeil & turpentine work.
P.P.S. I especially like Doug's Karl Childers.

John Cox:

Hey T

Thanks for the good word. Doug and I enjoyed our little experiment.

Thanks for mentioning the trompe l'oeil work I've done. It brings up the fact I've always been fascinated with a variety of media and styles that can showcase a certain narrative focus.

Steve M:

Ah ha ha!
John, finally captured.
A mixture of angst and humor on that face.

Dr. Bob:

Ya know, it's kinda hard to understan how good the caricatures when you don't have real photos to look at.

Just sayin'

John Cox:

Hey Dr. Bob

Ah Hah! That's our Thecret Twick! WE have the reference images, YOU get the caricature.

No judging, please.


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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