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and now a word from Gilda Radner...


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Loved Her! Here's to Roseanna Roseanna Danna.

I put Gilda up there with some of the actual "great clowns" that graced the screen. Chaplin, Loyd, Lucy, Carol Burnett.



Classy lady.

The so-called 'edgy' comedians could learn a lot from her.

Dr. Bob:

Oh... never mind.


In what little of her performances I had seen before this 'toon, she had a cute, gentle sweetness about her. At first, this caricature seemed a little harsh compared to the image I had of her (the exaggerated chin didn't seem to fit--made me think of Weird Al). After watching a couple SNL bits where she was too thin or distorting her facial expression, I can see how it works. Like the way you shaded her hair.

John Cox:

Hey T

That's the nature of caricatures. Thanks for the insight.

T again:

To be clear, an insight to my limited perception & the resulting mild discomfort of it being altered. Not a criticism of the caricature at all. I got to see something as I had not seen before.


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