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Ristorante Logo Idea


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Man can live by amuse-bouche alone, but the chef will not be happy.

Nice, simple illustration. I like the simplicity & clean lines. I'd also like to see a romantic/"aged" version for contrast.

John Cox:

Hey T

Hors d'oeuvres for thought. An aged-looking logo always works. I've admired Art Deco's clean lines and dynamic contrasts for quite a while, now.

Thanks for the good word.


Sounds like an expensive place to eat! ;)

Steve M:

Nicely done sir, you're classin' up the joint.
The thing about Art Deco style is that it 'seems' easy because of its simplicity, but one false move and it's ruined. This is perfect.

John Cox:

Hey Steve

Wow. (Smiling large).

I think you described what's best about a well though-out design: scrape away the unnecessary and accentuate the visual idea that resonates most. Illustration is just like that.

Saul Bass has a lot to say about letting aesthetics rule the final result. Clever is good. So is clarity. Beauty trumps all.

Aahhh....but what is beauty, though???


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