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Opening Day 2013


It's here and I can feel my pulse again; baseball is BACK.

And may I highly recommend enjoying it on radio. Here's my "Top NIne Reasons to Stay In and Do It Marconi Style":

9...Sit where you like, I mean ANYWHERE.

8...You'll never have that urge to brain the fathead next to you who won't shut the hell up about his team's idiotic stats: HE AIN'T THERE.

7...No moronic antics and inane music between innings. If you can't stand the radio ads, kill the volume when they invariably pop up.

6...Can't beat the ticket price.

5...The beer and hotdogs you're eating didn't cost the price of a small sedan.

4...Your imagination fills in the game if you've ever played it growing up. I believe the game is MORE vivid.

3...Toilet access is MUCH better.

2...The opportunity to engage in another project while keeping track of game details. I love drawing in my sketchbook during broadcasts (I did this sketch during tonight's Braves game against the Phillies)

1...If the game stinks, CLICK and grab another beer.

You're welcome.

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Doc Al:

5 1/2...You can park your car at home for free and it's much easier to pull out of your driveway than it is to merge with the morons in the Gold Parking Lot.

5 3/4...If some American Idol wannabe adds too many extra notes to the National Anthem, you can turn down the volume and sing it yourself.

5 7/8...You can take off your shirt and shoes and sit there in your underwear if you want to and not get hassled by security.

5 15/16...You don't have to listen to Phillies/Cubs/Mets/etc. fans talk in their annoying regional accents.



John Cox:

Hey Doc

Indeed, sir.



No chance for hypertension resulting from the plate umps selectively observing/disregarding their invented warped-space "strike zones."


You can't see the announcers, so nobody cares whether they're famous jocks or not (& they're usually coherent when they speak).

devon cox:

3 1/3... don't have to clean the gunk off your shoe when you leave

3 51/103... the likeliness of a terrorist attack is lower in a radio

3 66/97... no bums outside your radio

3 54/79... don't have to fear about falling down the stairs on your radio

3 69/78... your radio cant be an ass to you

John Cox:

Hey T

Hey Devon

Dr. Bob:

I watched the Twins opener on TV... 37 degrees and 20 MPH winds. When the manager said "Let's here some chatter", he wasn't referring to the fans' teeth.

The crowd on hand looked like Viking fans in the old Metropolitan Stadium - full winter gear.

Not sure where a comfortable environment fits in the list.

Some others.

8.3 You don't have to wait in line to go to the toilet.

8.2 You're not going a get a beer bath from the heavy drinker sitting behind you.

8.1 You aren't going to lose your hearing when Boston fans sit behind you.

Dr. Bob:

Sorry, I missed John's #3.


PS...I Like Devon's a lot.

Great Fodder!
So I turn on my radio app on my phone here in the Great Country (AK) to listen to my Rockies..Yea...Booo Hiiss what ever and MLB won't allow them to stream the game digitally. It's live radio or nothing? I'm pissed. GWADD!


Dr. Bob
Son & I went to a Twins game a few years ago, 100 degrees outside, a nice 72 degrees in the Metrodome.
They'll miss the dome in August, too.

Baseball is a great Radio sport. I got to a lot of the College World Series in Omaha last June, with so many teams, players & stories, the radio coverage was very informative.

John Cox:

Hey Cowboy

Rockies fan? Really?? I thought all Southerners pulled for the Bravos.


As you may remember, I'm from EVERGREEN! Do you remember that place? At least Atlanta is in the National League and not in the imposter league.

John Cox:

Hey Cowboy

Yes, I remember commenting on your Evergreen roots because we have that in common....oops.

Transplants are exempted from the obligation of rooting for the home team.

Dodgers and Giants look tough. Good luck.


Like I said...At least the Bravesos still play in a legitimate league! After that I well ahhhh! (GAGGHHH!)

Dr. Bob:

I agree that baseball is a game made for radio...

there's no way I could put a TV on my lawn tractor.


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