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Dr. Bob:

Very cute, John.

John Cox:

Hey Rd Bob

Yeah, ya know. I laugh at goofy stuff.

Tom Wms.:

Funny stuff. That's is exactly the kind of conversation we have here, only on purpose. Thanks for the morning laugh.


OK. I'm only posting this because I had a REALLY staunch grammar teacher at one point, & this is one of those "etched/branded" lessons I never forgot:

What also sounds weird is that "candelabrum" is technically the "proper" singular form & "candelabra" the plural. She had a BIG problem with the "accepted conversational" forms of "candelabra" & "candelabras" (along with a LOT of other things).

Another little insight into how "T" got messed up.

John Cox:

Hey T

Yoww. Old school grammar. Thank goodness rigid rules of usage are about as helpful as fur on a kitchen sink.


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