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Yo Menashe, Israel:

Bibi won!

John Cox:

Hey Yo
What do guys think of the visit?


We don't know why he bothered to come, and especially now. Carolyn Glick, one of our most prominent journalists, explains it here: http://www.carolineglick.com/e/2013/03/obamas-mysterious-visit.php

Dr. Bob:

I think it may be the Obama equivalent to the "kiss of death".

I think it's because he's going to throw Israel under the bus... and drive back and forth over it a few times while appearing supportive. It's all show and no substance.

Yo, I'm quite fearful for you folks. Good luck.


Worst thing Barry can say to a foreign leader, "Don't worry, I've got your back!"

The POS is in love with the sound of his own voice.


0 looked much more happy to be speaking beneath a poster of Terrorist,Thief & Billionaire Yasser Arafat.


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