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Who has the next line???


No. He can't help you--His money's all spent
He's indentured forever, He can't even pay rent
Since He's been evicted His cathedral's a tent

Nice illustration. I think your Uncle Sam would have worked well, too (kind of like Tom Waits back when he did stuff like Mac Rebennack).

Love the blues (well, certain styles within the genre).

Lead vocalists tend to be glory hogs. If wanting them to just shut up and be quiet for a few minutes so I can listen to the instrumentalists play makes them miserable, then I'm guilty as charged.

John Cox:

Hey T

Thanks for the thoughtful response.
Still optimistic, though.

Dr. Bob:

Heck, he ain't got the blues nor a funk, it's deep, depression and heading to crash.

And for the depression he's in, there ain't no pill that fixes it.


Bob, You got to stick with the tune here. To push this forward, I'm picking T's #2.

So Lord wont' you buy me a new president.
He's indentured forever, He can't even pay rent.

Who's next???


So Lord wont' you buy me a new president.\
He's indentured forever, He can't even pay rent.\
Paul and Ryan have answers, but he just says, "Get Bent!"\
Oh, Lord help us sur-vive, this SCOAMF Pres'dent.

T again:

No big deal, but I intended that little bit to be the rest of the verse. That's why all the "H's" are capitalized. The absurd implication is the POTUS ran up so much debt he bankrupted God for all eternity. Subsequently, God was evicted from His own "house," making the first line's appeal to Heaven pointless.

The intent was to lampoon the high opinion Barry seems to have of himself along with his abuses of power...

... but the song wasn't even my idea, & there have to be better ideas than any of "my" lines that go in all other directions.


Gheez T. Just trying to have fun and spark some participation. A little Lampoon on the POTUS.


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