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Wrought Irony


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Doc Al:

"This is a sequestratinator with many buttons - buttons inside of buttons, buttons that control other buttons"


Sometimes I tinker with the idea of letting the whole damned thing crash and burn. They we'll find out what's REALLY IMPORTANT.


Sequestratinator-Photo Is Actual Size.


The real monster comes when the continuing resolution ends at the end of March. The White House dog and pony show over sequestration is just a warm up act for the lies,blame and acrimony they'll throw at Repubs for the Dems inability to pass a budget in 5 years.


The last thing the Dems want to pass is a budget. You can hide a lot of RED INK with no budget.


This sequester thing is disgusting! It's $85B this year. About a months worth of spending...But Barack is going to make sure the Air Traffic Controllers get laid off. Disabled kids don't receive funding...the States will collapse, etc. Good Grief! As usual he is so full of Avian Feces, and they let him get away with it. He'll do it on purpose too.

Dr. Bob:

Understand the first rule of large bureaucracies - the people running them are more interested in expanding their bureaucracy than in doing what the bureaucracy is supposed to do.

ht: Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracies

The second rule is when faced with any proposed cut in your budget, even tiny ones like 1.9%, make sure the impacts hurt as many people as possible and spin the impacts to be catastrophic.


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