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Movie Poster Illustration Idea


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Tom Wms.:

That is exactly what he is trying to do to us!


Simple solutions for simple minds.


Beretta, nice shooting. Fat Grip. BO can kiss my ass! I'm blunt today!

Dr. Bob:

Visually stimulating poster.

Not sure of what the title means, though.

If the "50" refers to the number of states, I think according to "the One" there are 57.

If the ".50" refers to a caliber, it would take a better man than him to shoot it.

This reminds me that I need to pray "deliver us from evil" more often than I do.



I thought the same thing. I'm still wondering if there is an obscure [to me] cultural reference I'm not getting.

Actually, Barry said there were 60 states. "I've been to 57--with one to go--my staff won't let me go to the other two, Alaska & Hawaii."

Here's some footage of Barry & his buddies at the range. I think the last one might be Bill Ayers.



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