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IT Logo Idea


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No offense, John, but as a near-lifelong dog owner who has had to remove and dispose of dozens of ticks, engorged and otherwise, I find your concept somewhat - unsettling, to say the least.


LMAOROTF! Sent this to my son, computer engineer.

Every time there's a problem in the lab, they have to send for "IT" and wait, and wait and wait.

The term "bloodsuckers" is often used to describe the IT department.

John Cox:

Hey Thunderbottom

I have personal experiences, too, that suggest IT guys prey upon the digitally unwashed. A little dark humor...


I've always thought of IT as a tourniquet for the treatment of embolisms.

This is much funnier.

Dr. Bob:

I'm an IT guy and I didn't get it at first, although I work on mid to large scale internal servers for my multinational computer manufacturer and services company.

I also am an unpaid IT consultant for my son's legal practice and his local IT guys leave me non-impressed, of questionable skill and damn freaking expensive for what they do.

So, maybe they are blood suckers, but me, I'm a lovable old fuzzball that never sends a bill.


There's a big difference between manufacturing and "support." "Support" is usually from some McCollege with 6 or 8 intro survey courses in "computer science."


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