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Smoke & Mirrors


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Tom Wms.:

This should garner you some kind of literary award. Great toon.


He no just set fiyah. He dropped bombs. Not just one bomb. Not just two bombs. He carpet bomb.


I'm still surprised that we haven't a weekly designated day of worship of The Chosen One.


47 percent will still thank him.


... & the hose is pumping petrol.


You kiddin'? The MSM prays to him 5 times a day on an off day.

John Cox:

Hey Tom
Thanks for the nice word. I had fun with this one.

Dr. Bob:

Delightful, John.

For those of you too young, Hitler's goons set the Reichstag on fire and blamed it on others to remove them from power.

Oh, the similarities...

Yo Menashe:

You're right Dr. Bob! And there's a lot more similaries.



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