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and now a word from Carl Spackler....


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Ed B:

In all the best Bill Murray performances, he tends to "get out of the way" of the characters he plays. You watch the movie and think, for example, "That's Carl Spackler, not Bill Murray playing Carl Spackler". I think you've captured that quite nicely here, John.

John Cox:


Yes, indeed. How many times is his day interrupted with well-meaning strangers screaming "IT'S IN THE HOLE" in his face?


Bend over and bark like a dog!

John Cox:

Hey G

Carl is a quote machine in "Caddyshack".


A lifetime to gain total consciousness & then you die.


Incredible performance. Based on some dam thing I saw on cable.?. That movie was so thrown together that they only had "Carl" for three days and shot the whole movie around Bill's schedule. That's all he would commit to, according to the cable show. The move, apparently, was all ad-lib. They (Directed by Harold Ramis) wrote around that performance off the seat of their pants. But they had such a great cast that they couldn't lose. Everything was apparently off script. That's how great movies are born ... and that's a good one. Thanks Carl (Bill) Harold, Chevy, Ted, and especially Rodney! A classic!


That last post was me. Apparently, I have to put my name in each time now.

T again:

Those guys were funny and all, but I'd like to give special thanks to Cindy Morgan.


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