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Say What?


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"It's an iPod Nano with all of my speeches on it."

Sandor at the Zoo:

"You should be happy with what I let you keep!"

Tom Wms.:

"As a token of my esteemed, err, uh; with all my uh, best uh; oh, to hell with it. Just take it and be grateful you are still on my list."

Tom Wms.:

"After Egypt and Libya, it's the best I could do."

"This is all China said I could afford."

Ed B:

Hey, you're the one that keeps sayin' size don't matter, white boy.


I'll let the Secret Service keep their guns. Isn't that enough?


Just watch me multiply this tiny tax increase on the "rich" and pay off the national debt.

If Jesus can do it with bread and fish, I should have no problem.


Rick :

Behold my magnificent budget cut for the new year!


"I say I give better gifts than I get, the MSM spins it from there."

"For some reason, coal is really expensive, so I incinerated the Constitution & compressed the ashes into a pellet. Merry holidays."


"Just an exorbitant little something from the bottom of my heart and your wallet. Ho, ho, ho!"

Dr. Bob:

Brought you something from Hawaii... why, yes it's a sugar cube.


"This is for generations yet to come. They can't vote, so screw 'em."

Tom Wms.:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to John and all.

Dr. Bob:

Ditto TW's post.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to John and the amazing crew of posters here.


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