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Blitzen has a little Nasal Envy.

Ed B:

Blitzen's working on getting his own red nose the old-fashioned way. Another one, barkeep!


My guess is that 'brown nosing' didn't get Blizten a better slot on the team.


He's just ticked because nobody wanted to go the the Donner Party.

John Cox:

Hey Gang
Nice energy. Glad to see Crassmas can be mined for a bit of humor.


Jealous, bitter bully. 135 years in the spotlight without a single mention of Rudolph. When Rudolph finally overcomes being bullied & oppressed, the bullies can't stand it. If it wasn't for Santa having to suffer, I'd put out a big bowl of beans for Rudolph.

Dr. Bob:

Looks like Blitzen is getting blitzed!

Next Christmas, Blitzen not to be out done, mounts a Sylvania Silverstar II halogen bulb on his snozz. That will put Rudy's appendage at the rear where it belongs, he thought.

And next year as the story goes, Santa puts Blitz at the point and renames him "Bright guy"!


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