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Bully Pulpit


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Dumbo pushing an elephant over a cliff... Well I be done seen 'bout ever'thing.

Tom Wms.:


If, by chance, we should come out of this thing, maybe you could do a follow up toon on the same cliff. The Elephant could fall backwards on top of B.O. with with nothing but his feet sticking out.


Hey! Things are just great under the able economic leadership of The Chosen One! Why just this morning it was announced that unemployment is DOWN to just 7.7!

Of course that was because more folks have stopped looking for work, and therefore are no longer counted as "unemployed".

Can you imagine what the U/E number will be come January when the U/E program reverts to only 26 weeks of coverage?


I'm still just in shock. So shouldn't really comment. Boehner and the RNC should just shoot themselves. Neither he or the RNC has a message. Jump buddy jump! It's not the end of the world because everything can be redone. Boehner needs one of Pelosi's testicles.

T again:

YWHS!!! + Cantor + McCarthy

Dr. Bob:

I'm afraid all I can do now is to enjoy the decline and hope the whole she-bang blows after I croak.


I know T. agrees with me on this! Just read ANIMAL FARM! All you really need to know is there! Simply put!


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