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Yo Menashe, Israel:

Good luck on that one guys.



I'm getting awful sick of hearing The Chosen One repeat the mantra of "Bush-era tax cuts for the RICH!".

Maybe we should end ALL the "Bush-era tax cuts", then those idiots who voted for him will also get slammed in the wallet and reminded they benefited as well.

Nothing teaches as well as pain does.

Tom Wms.:

What a joy ride we're on.

John Cox:


I was tempted to make this an Obama-Biden spoof, but I thought it made a stricter point to allude to GOP collusion. I agree, we're ALL strapped in for the ride....


Waste of a good classic Mustang.

John Cox:

Hey Craniac

Good eye! What was the give-away?

Dr. Bob:

Craniac beat me to it - a waste of a perfectly good Mustang.

typical 64-65 vintage Mustang - tail lights with the three vertical bars, along with the center medallion and the shape of the sides.




The 'toon is missing the sign they just plowed through. It said, "Abandon all HOPE ye who enter here."

Bolgia 5 or bust!


Not meant to offend, but I think that it would have been more appropriate to have them in a GM or Chrysler vehicle...

John Cox:

Hey T

Not bad.

Hey Russ



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