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and now a word from Veruca Salt...


A memorable character from the 1971 movie, "Willie Wonka And the Chocolate Factory", Veruca Salt met her demise when she greedily tried to possess Wonka's Golden Eggs. Her infamous declaration "I want it NOW!" became her epitaph.

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Veruca is also another name for a wart.


To update this to a 2012 feminist statement she would say "I want in ALL -- Now."
I am, of course, referring to the current debate about how women can/should "have it all."


Reminds me of a line from a song by "They Might Be Giants": "I don't want the world; I just want your half."


Reminds me of a line from a song by "They Might Be Giants": "I don't want the world; I just want your half."


Looks like Carrot Top before he got all buff & stuff. Sounds like Kathy Griffin minus an F-bomb or three.

I've been thinking about that "free" insurer-provided birth control thing. It's not fair that women own the "means." They discriminate as to who they get it on with. This means some guys get more than their fair share, & others are discriminated against. If there's one thing I've learned in the last 4 years, it's that discrimination is wrong.

How's about some redistributive change, ladies? No taxation without fornication...



John Cox:

Hey T
Off the wall and very funny. Neat contribution


ARGHHH! That's all I can come up with. My FREE STUFF! You wouldn't belive the decked out woman I was behind in the Grocery Store paying for food stamps. Her purse probably cost above $$150.


A very memorable character BTW.

Dr. Bob:

I once had a girlfriend who looked like that.

Emphasis on "HAD" - that was a match made in hell.

Fortunately, I escaped - before she punched my golden ticket.


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