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Wooing The Middle


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This is great -- touching on women voters and sex and whatnot. :)

Despite the hullabaloo about supposed zinger intensive training, it seemed largely zinger-free. I bet the media feels mighty silly now about being proved wrong.

Maybe Romney's too nice to zing or something? The closest I saw was him quoting a friend that, "You don't pick winners and losers, you just pick losers."


My take: Obama threw the fight. Gave the MSM the opportunity to criticize him in an attempt to make 4+ years of bias go away. If that Obama had shown up in 2008, McCain would be president. I'm glad he isn't, because we'd be in the same place & the media narrative would have been completely different ("It's all the Prez's fault!"). It was hilarious watching MSNBC after the debate, but I don't think the higher-ups were surprised in the least.

Mitt dominated, but I was disappointed. There are some things an Ivy MBA & business vet ought to know that Mitt should have raised. Mitt was jabbing when he could have been freewheeling roundhouse blows. I'm hoping Mitt was holding back--because if that's all he has, the coming Obama/media blitz will be carnage. Mitt looked smarter than Barry, but I'm hoping Mitt is even smarter than he looked & has a lot in reserve he just didn't use because he didn't have to. It'll be a shame if Mitt is in boxing mode & the Left is playing chess--the next two won't be easy spars.


I think Barry brought his "A" game.

PBS? Come on, he expected a 'gimme'.

PBS doesn't have to worry about Romney cutting their budget, Barry might do it tomorrow.


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