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Didn't make the cut...


I was a little disappointed when this recent pencil didn't impress the art director for a small magazine in New Jersey. He thought it was too scary. That's why they call them "roughs".

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Talk about 'painting a picture'!


Too scary for what??? I'm drifting away from these people. Kind of like the "Binder Deal" WTF are you talking about...?

John Cox:

Hey C

I was trying to avoid a long explanation, but what it came down to was that Busy People aren't necessarily Miserable Freaks.

I stand corrected...

Dr. Bob:

If my eyes are working right, that guy is very "handy".

Or not Octo-Mom, but maybe Hexa-Dad?


This A.D. couldn't give you feedback and try again? It's disappointing how so few people have the relational skills to work through even a simple project like this. My guess is the A.D. put the idea to several artists and picked from a pile.


John did an illustration for a web banner for me. We started with the site name and a brief description of what the site was about. I wanted to see what John would come up with given no constraints.

John has a flair for doing really bold illustrations. I really liked the first "sketch" he did (from my perspective, John's roughs are more detailed than I would have expected), but it was more flamboyant than what I wanted.

We communicated briefly a couple times, and I ended up with one illustration that's a beauty by itself (but also gives me some options to enhance it as I see fit), a second concept that I intend to use later (bought that one too), and a HUGE lesson in image editing and manipulation.

In my experience, John is great to work with. If you know a little about the creative process and know how to direct (and let the expert do his thing), John will likely deliver an illustration that exceeds your expectations.


I've had several setbacks that halted progress; while I think it will be too late to have much effect (in the short term), I'm pressing hard to have my site up within the week.

NOTE: I asked John not to post his original artwork until I have my site up and running, and he honored my request.


I just noticed something when the page reloaded. The skillet can be misconstrued as a collar around a receptacle on a headless torso. I can see how it could look like the man might be ready to stuff the baby into the receptacle (down into the torso).


That, or the father is ready to fricassee the little screamer.


Oh John...when I said WTF are you talking about I didn't mean you. I meant what's with those Binder Women...I'm sorry if you took it meant towards you

John Cox:

Hey Thos.

I'm in the middle of taking another shot. It's what I do.

Hey Cowboy

Gotcha. Wasn't too sure.


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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