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Illustration Friday Theme:LOST


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Tom Wms.:

Hopeful flash to the future - "Barak Obama quietly leaves the White House with only his personal effects."


Even space travelers don't take kindly to backseat drivers!


An ET trying to walk home? Nice ridiculous humor. Might as well be walking on the sun.


Don't procrastinate. As long as we're hoping, let's hope he leaves today. Let's keep hoping. Keep hope alive! Keep hope alive! Keep hope alive!

Tom Wms.:

T: Unfortunately, his ego wouldn't let him leave early. I just hope he doesn't do like the Clintons and take our stuff when he goes.

Arthur Dent:

Hey! Lookit! I had a strange friend awhile back who said he was "lost" for 15 years! Turned out he was actually from some planet near Betelguese or something... anyway, loooooong story short, I can remember this EXACT scene a few years later when I returned home. Didn't have the cool Xaxazian hat, tho...

(couldn't resist... Johnny Logan)

Arthur Dent:

Hey! Lookit!

I had a friend a few years back who said that he was "lost" on Earth for 15 years. I didn't understand how you could be lost on a whole planet until it turned out he was from somewhere near Betelgeuse or something... Anyway, loooooooooooong story short, when I got back to Earth a few years later I remember this scene! (I didn't have the cool Xaxazian helmet, tho...)

(I couldn't resist - Johnny Logan)


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