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The Art of Persuasion


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Doc Al:

Hope he doesn't "dodge" any questions at his debate.


You're referring to the fact that his last name can be construed in many ways. Too bad how last names can be obstacles in certain professions

Bob Walk, actual major league pitcher.


I saw the name & had to think for a minute. This is a fellow you've done a few book covers for, right?

Cool poster. Looks a bit like a cleaner/detergent logo meets DC onomatopoeia panel. "America did a decent job of cleaning the House, but there's still work to be done. Now it's time to tackle the Senate (& the executive office)."



Definitely eye catching!

Dr. Bob:

It is great!

So is he "the Artful Dodger"?

Well, he IS a politician...


Angus King is the "artful dodger." He's a "Moderate" (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) running as an "Independent" (nudge-nudge, wink-wink). He supports Obama for re-election. The Democrat Party isn't even behind its own candidate (Cynthia Dill)--they're backing King in word, Dill is standing down. The Prog Cartel (Soros/SEIU/ACORN/... and Super Pacs) are spending heavily on King, freeing up hard DEM money to defend other seats. King's campaign is a lot of empty feel-good rhetoric. Not surprisingly, he's "uncommitted" as to what party he'll caucus with (and pretty much any other concrete position). Sound familiar? King's "candidacy" is about one thing: Preserving Obamacare.

Doc Al:

And some names can be almost a forshadowing of what you're going to become: I knew a priest years ago whose last name was "Divine". And I also knew a doctor who unforutnately had the last name of "Payne".


You crack me up, John. Dodge, Payne, Divine, Cox. What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

I recently saw a clip about a guy naming his kids Winner (eldest) and Loser (younger). Interestingly, they went counter-script.

One thing that is clear is that you were faithful in realizing the highest form of the concept art.


This is really good -- my favorite two colors together, and short and to the point.

Like I told you before, John, I think your artistry has "gotten better" maybe "more intense" would be a better term, since your medical problem.


Dr. Bob:

I was riffing the combination of art and Dodge and came up with the Artful Dodger.

In no way did I intend to imply Dodge is a crook.

Perhaps my riff, was a whiff.

As for Angus King, I'd vote against him if I could - what a piece of crap.

A question for John, though - you see a lot of yard signs for national office in blue and white or red and white, and some in red, white and blue.

So the purple really stands out. Was there any significance of the purple (red states are republican, blue states are democrats), was the purple to mean a moderate, or do I think way too much?


I don't know if this is an effective ad,
but I need to run out and buy a Mopar car right NOW!



No whiff. You teed one up very nicely for somebody else to wail on.


Not just any Mopar. HEMI.


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