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and now a word from General Stonewall Jackson...


May your Memorial Day be a thankful one.

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Would love to have the name of the quoted person on the image itself so when it's shared the quote doesn't get confused.

John Cox:

Hey Donkey Rock

I see your point. Thanks.


Mr. Charles put it better & with more style than I ever could:

Oh beautiful for patriots proved in liberating strife
Who more than self have country loved & mercy more than life


Good audio. Not the best version, but IMO the best compromise. Maybe give some others a listen while you're there.

I couldn't find a better audio track (with a group chorus at the end) that was memorial, apolitical, or didn't use images that might be considered by some as aggressive & militaristic. Nothing against the military--this is a just a little blip as solemn as a blog comment permits in remembrance of the fallen.

Nice one, John.

John Cox:

Thanks you for the nice word.

Tom Wms.:

It was celebrated in the right spirit and with family: My brother, sister, our spouses, and our mother. Out of the seven, four are vets.

I hope you day was good as well.


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